How to maintain the carpet?

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The carpet can be our flooring is more soft and comfortable, but also can make our house look more elegant and generous. But the carpet is very easy to dirty, and the carpet cleaning and maintenance is also very difficult, and if the carpet does not wash for a long time prone to some strange taste. So how should our home carpet be cleaned and maintained?, ANHUI FATION IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD|SHAGGY CARPET|RUG|MAT

Carpet maintenance method

1, direct sunlight: should try to avoid a strong direct sunlight, so as not to fade the carpet aging.

2, anti-fouling: the use of the process shall not be contaminated with oil, acidic substances, colored liquid, such as pollution, should immediately use high-quality carpet cleaning cream erase.

3,  dust: carpet surface layer of fiber, easy to accumulate dust, should always be washed along the direction of smooth hair, shall not use the teeth or rough edges of the work, so as not to damage the carpet surface layer.

4, to prevent the inverted hair: If the carpet appears to fall, with a clean damp hot water to wipe, and comb with comb straight, with an iron pad wet cloth along the hair iron, can restore the status quo.

5, put the point pressure: in use, in the leg contact with the carpet out, should prevent the cushion or often change the furniture. More serious wear and tear of the site, in addition to take the cover to be protected, but also exchange position,

6, the carpet room should pay attention to ventilation, moisture, so as not to occur carpets moth, mildew, such as found insects, corrosion and other sites, should be professional staff to repair.

Carpet cleaning method

First of all, always remember to remove dust in addition to mites. Because the dust accumulation in the carpet, will cause wear and tear, and make the color of the carpet becomes dark, in the hall, corridor (decoration effect map) and frequent walking places, should be two to three times a week, the bedroom (decoration Effect map) should also be at least once a week. In addition, the carpet is mites, bacteria favorite place, often dust can effectively remove the hidden in the carpet fiber eggs and bacteria. This is better than the regular cleaning carpet effect.

There is a timely removal of carpet stains. Removal of stains is another important part of carpet maintenance. The sooner the job is removed, the better the effect will be. If after a long period of time to deal with the case, the stain has penetrated into the carpet after the fibrous tissue, it will lead to the stain can already be removed has become difficult to remove.

Be sure to remember to carry out regular cleaning of the carpet. In addition to regular dust, but also in the laying of a period of time after the carpet dry cleaning, usually every two years to clean once to ensure that the carpet is often new.

Carpet cleaning must be completely in order to keep the health of a long time, in addition to thoroughly cleaning the carpet but also regular cleaning dust, carpet cleaning should not be too busy because the cleaning frequency will affect the carpet life too much. In addition, but also to remind everyone in the cleaning of the carpet when we must pay attention not to use more sharp or rough tools, so as not to affect the use of the carpet.

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